Kristen Koh Goldstein co-manages the direct private investments for AthenaPartners, a family office. Portfolio companies include HireAthena, AngelList, Salesforce, Twitter, Anaplan,, Blue Bottle Coffee, August Home, and many others.

Prior to AthenaPartners, Kristen was a buyside investment analyst for Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse (First Boston Asset Management). She was also the CFO of Loyalty Lab (now Tibco) and Director Finance of Epinions (now eBay), where she developed a deep expertise in financial operations.  Kristen, a mother of three, is passionate about empowering women in business and life.

Kristen earned her MBA from Harvard University and her BS degree from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration with a Concentration in Finance & Accounting.

Kristen is a fierce advocate of both the entrepreneurs working around the clock to bring positive change to the world and the operators supporting them to make it all possible. She believes so much in this mission that she has spent the last two decades investing and advising dozens of early stage companies.

Kristen's passion as an operator investor is to help promising companies to clear the growth stage from 20 - 50 employees (Series A/B) when startups must transition from maniacally building and scaling a product, to building a cross-functional team, a wildly different skill set. Ironically, precisely what made a homogenous team successful from 0 - 20 will often drive the team to fail from 20 - 50 because the need to quickly consolidate diverse, dissenting opinion is really hard. Sadly, many extraordinary startups fail to cross this chasm -- the blinders caused by sexism, racism and/or agism is paralyzing.


Kristen In The News

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